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Past Life Regression

"Begin to see yourself as a soul with a body rather than a body with a soul"

A past life regression (PLR) is the retrieval of memories and experiences from previous lifetimes. Each lifetime or incarnation adds to your soul's memories and development. The process of reincarnation happens each time a soul enters a new lifetime. During a past life regression, the inner mind is navigated to gather knowledge and understanding of the deeper aspects of our personality and character. This wisdom often brings higher awareness, healing, change, and understanding. Your soul will reincarnate and experience many different lifetimes before its journey is complete.

With more and more clients delving deeper into their personal spirituality and divine connections, they are becoming increasingly interested in learning more about themselves and their lives through a past life regression (PLR). Accessing past life memories requires a deep level of trance and great skill and expertise on the part of the hypnotist. When seeking a past life regression (PLR) it is very important to seek a practitioner who is properly trained in the modality of spiritual regression.

What can you learn from a past life regression?

  • Gain information and wisdom about our relationships
  • Understand the choices we have made - our gender, parents and situations
  • Release carry over patterns and beliefs which no longer serve our higher purpose
  • Understand physical or emotional concerns to assist in healing
  • Help unravel fears and challenges
  • Know our soul's purpose and embrace our life purpose
  • Understand the bigger picture our current life
  • Appreciating the divine in all life

A PLR is a beautiful spiritual experience that helps clients to better understand and navigate their current life path.

Past Life Regression FAQ

Raleigh Past Life Regression

How long is a past life session? Mike asked his clients to set aside 3 hours. The actual time in hypnosis will be between 2.0 and 2.5 hours. Before the session begins the client and practitioner should spend time understanding the client's goals. After the session concludes time should be set aside for client questions, reflection, and grounding.

Is the session a 'reading'? Past life sessions are not a reading. With a past life regression, you are accessing your past memories and experiencing the life, lessons, and messages for yourself. This is what makes the experience so powerful. It's you experiencing you. The role of the practitioner is to optimize the session by facilitating and helping the client navigate the process.

Is there anything a client needs to do to prepare for a session? Other than looking forward to the session - not really. Clients should wear very comfortable attire and avoid caffeine products (e.g., coffee, tea, caffeinated soft drinks, and energy drinks) at least two hours prior to their session.

Are the sessions recorded? Your practitioner should record the session.

Will I remember everything from the session? You will remember a great deal from your session, especially those messages you need to recall. It's always intriguing for clients to listen to their session recording afterward and pick up on dialogue and content that transpired; often commenting on the clarity of the recall, specificity of details, and wisdom of the information and insight brought forth.

Will I be more sensitive or attuned afterward? The messages, lessons, and awareness from a past life session can resonate for days, weeks, months, and even years afterward. Many times clients clearly sense their perspective has shifted or they are experiencing events, situations or relationships through a different and more positive lens. For some clients this shift or awareness is profound and for others, it may be more subtle. Everyone is different. However, through Mike's work and studies, he has found the degree of the shift corresponds to the degree to which the client embraces their experience and the lessons of higher conscious awareness. For example, those clients who openly embrace the insight and wisdom from their session frequently experience noticeable and tangible shifts and understanding going forward. Because of this awareness and focus their current life decisions and choices are more purpose-oriented helping to fulfill their soul's objectives.

I didn't always get exact dates or a specific age. Is this unusual? This is not uncommon. During a past life regression, a client's guides and teachers are focused first and foremost on the client's lessons, learning, and wisdom. Guides are not overly interested in exact dates, exact ages, specific names of towns, etc. Sometimes even the names of past life family, friends, and acquaintances are not that important. This information might be interesting to us in our current physical incarnation (curiosity) but they are not very important at the soul level. Through my work, I have found when a specific date, age, or location is relevant; our guides and teachers will assist to reveal it. Otherwise, general time periods, eras, and geographic locations are considered sufficient enough detail from a divine perspective. It's important to remember the primary objective of the past life session is to absorb the experience and expand our awareness (consciousness). Although we can certainly spend time researching or validating the past life information we received, the more important takeaway is the understanding of the lessons presented so we can embark on a more positive and enlightened path in our current life.

Are the memories real? After a session, many of my clients comment on how their past life memories were free-flowing and spontaneous versus what is referred to as constructed recall. The spontaneity and "sense of knowing" aspect of the experience is a very common theme. The constructed recall is not spontaneous or free-flowing since it takes time for the mind to piece together or construct images, scenes, or events. In the end, the determination of "real or not real" is a question each individual client will need to decide on their own. In our opinion, it is far more meaningful to focus on the benefits a past life experience brings to the client in the form of expanded consciousness, higher self-awareness, greater insight and new pathways to healing and opportunity.

My past life overlapped with my current life. How can that be? Typically, past lives are reported back as linear or sequential. That is, there is no overlap. However, there are sessions I have facilitated where the overlap phenomenon occurred.

The typical incarnating scenarios are: Scenario 1: No overlap - most common experience, Scenario 2: Partial overlap - less common (two lives having some overlap) and Scenario 3: Complete overlap - rare (two lives running concurrently)

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THEORY #1: The first theory posits souls do not bring all of their energy into their incarnations. This premise is covered in Dr. Michael Newton's research on past life regressions (suggested reading: Journey of Souls, Destiny of Souls, and Memories of the Afterlife). Newton states that when a soul incarnates only a portion of its energy is integrated with the incarnate body and the remainder of the energy remains in the spirit world. I refer to this as the soul's energy being fractal. A 'fractal' is a complex geometric pattern exhibiting self-similarity. When a fractal is viewed at any scale (size) small details of its structure contain repeated elements of the overall pattern. Said another way, a fractal is the repetition of patterns at any scale ranging from micro (small) to macro (large). Quantum physics has shown fractal scaling is embedded and ubiquitous throughout creation.

Per Newton, this dynamic is structured this way because the human brain is not designed or intended to accommodate 100% of the soul's energy, and that part of the soul's energy not in the incarnate body (or form) continues its existence (and learning) in the spirit world. This process facilitates parallel learning by allowing the soul to learn in two dimensions concurrently - the incarnate world (e.g., Earth) and the spirit world. However, Newton's theory also explains that a soul can divide its energy even further (i.e., fractalization) enabling it to incarnate and experience partial or concurrent overlapping of lives (fast path learning).

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THEORY #2: The second theory states past lives are not sequential or linear. Meaning a life in the 1950s could have come before a life in Rome. The premise posits that a soul chooses a life or experience based on learning and development needs with no requirement for chronological (sequential time) parameters. This is similar to an experience a person has when they interact with virtual reality (VR) simulations. They interact with the VR they wish to experience in any order they choose.

This is why some clients experience overlapping past lives. They may have chosen a life in the 1970s and with their next incarnation a life in the 1950s and then a life in the 1930s. For someone with an average life span of 75 years, the life in the 1930s will overlap with both the 1950s and 1970s lifetimes but in reality, there was no overlap since each incarnation is a separate standalone simulation or experience with no linkage to physical world time parameters.

It's important to note from a soul's perspective Earth is extremely challenging with its infinite array of emotional experiences and dynamics. Because Earth is so tough the rewards from a learning perspective, including the rate and pace of development, are immense and the reason why so many soul's incarnate here to learn.

Should I discuss my past life experience with others? I recommend clients take a day or two for quiet and mindful introspection and reflection. Allow the experience to assimilate and integrate before discussing their experience unless the person they are sharing with is receptive and open to what the client wants to share. It's important to understand there are many people, for various reasons, who will challenge your experience and attempt to make you question the validity of your session. Many will challenge because it conflicts with their religious, cultural, or societal beliefs or because of their personal fear of the unknown or a reluctance to accept different perspectives. It's important to remember their beliefs are not your beliefs. Their experiences are not your experiences. Each person's path and connection to the divine is specific to that individual. Your path is your path. Many clients will express to me that part of their "shift" was the realization they needed to move away from old paradigms (including the people connected to those paradigms) and connect to new like-minded relationships where the interactions and (higher) vibrations are more aligned with people and places where they feel most comfortable in order to grow and learn from a mind, body and spiritual (soul) perspective.

What about Between Lives sessions?
For those unfamiliar with between-lives regression, it is a way of experiencing your soul's existence in the afterlife in between incarnations (your soul's life in the spirit world). For those interested in a Between Lives session please visit the Newton Institute website to locate a qualified practitioner in your area.

What about remote PLR sessions (e.g., Skype/phone)?
I do not recommend remote hypnosis sessions in general. The environment where the session is conducted is a critical success factor. Thus, it is very important the client session is facilitated in a setting where the possibility of interruptions and distractions is minimized. This ensures a high-quality session and significantly enhances the probability of the client realizing their session goals and objectives.

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