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Hypnosis and You

Alternative Health Hypnosis is a holistic modality applied to assist in resolving personal issues, promoting health and wellness through the mind and thus the body. Advances in the understanding of the human mind's abilities and in the development of hypnosis techniques have resulted in the increased application of hypnosis in fields such as: medicine, dentistry, law enforcement, professional sports and education. Today, hypnosis is becoming widely accepted as a safe and effective approach to help resolve a wide range of emotional and physical concerns.

Hypnosis can address a broad spectrum of client wellness goals such as managing stress, grief, anger, fears; enhance a wide array of personal development objectives like self-confidence, self worth, self esteem along with strengthening performance, discipline and motivation in areas such as school study habits, career building, athletic prowess, smoking cessation, weight management, exploring your spirituality and so much more.

Holisitc HealthSpiritual Exploration

A Past Life Regression (PLR) is the retrieval of memories and experiences that occurred in other lifetimes. We look and probe into the inner mind to gather knowledge and understanding of the deeper aspects of our personality and character. This wisdom often brings higher awareness, healing, change and understanding. Your soul will reincarnate or experience many different lifetimes before its journey is complete. Each life time or incarnation adds to your soul's memories and development. The process of reincarnation happens each time a soul enters a new lifetime. When you experience a past life regression, you are actually going back to the memories of one of your previous lives.

Learning from a Past Life Regression
  • Understand your current life's purpose and lessons
  • Understand the choices you have made
  • Gain information and wisdom about relationships
  • Release carry over patterns and beliefs
  • Understanding physical or emotional concerns and how to heal
  • Help unravel fears and challenges
  • Seeing the divine in all life

Our clients describe their Past Life regressions as a beautiful spiritual experience which helps them to better understand and navigate their current life path.

Please visit our Past Life Regression (PLR) page for more information.

Spiritual AwarenessChakra Balancing
Many clients desire to balance their Chakras or seven energy centers; and with very good reason; balancing your Chakras is important to bring an overall sense of harmony and well being to your life and our Hypnotic Chakra Balancing sessions are an excellent way to help achieve this balance. Balanced Chakras help clients to remove creative blocks so they can experience inner peace, higher awareness, intuitiveness and a healthy sense of well-being.

Success and ConfidenceSuccessful Thinking and Personal Development
Do you engage in procrastination or other self sabotaging behavior? I think we all do from time-to-time. By simply having the proper focus and relaxed concentration you will hold the keys to your success when it comes to excelling at sports, public speaking, self worth, self esteem and study habits. Hypnosis is an outstanding way to boost self confidence, improve your natural abilities and remain focused and calm under testing conditions or while meeting deadlines. Master your mental game and achieve your goals.

Fears and PhobiasHabits and Fears (Phobias)
Your thought patterns from the past have created your thought patterns of today. If you want to improve your life today and make real positive change, simply adjusting your thoughts creates a shift in your life's momentum going forward. By shifting thoughts away from the undesirable or unwanted fears or habits and in the direction of your life enhancing goals, significant changes can occur quickly and easier than you imagined.

Stress ManagementStress, Anxiety and Pain Management
Stress is a huge energy zapper and a contributing factor in disease processes, especially the manifestation of pain (many times pain has its roots in stress). Eliminating or simply reducing stress allows the body to direct its energy towards wellness and rebalancing (the process of homeostasis). Hypnosis offers an effective, relaxing, drug-free choice for promoting health and wellness, resolving personal issues and creating positive change. Other benefits of hypnosis include better sleep patterns, lower blood pressure, managing pain, less anxiety and shorter recovery times following surgery.

Lose WeightWeight Release
Hypnosis works when diets have failed because hypnosis addresses the cause of the problem, and not the symptoms. By changing the behaviors that result in overeating, food is no longer used as a distraction or crutch. Unlike diets, hypnosis leaves you free of feeling overwhelmed, guilty or deprived... and free of the burden of weight. Weight release requires your active participation. Where the mind goes, the body follows; however, it takes time for the body to make the physical changes. Hypnosis works with your desire for change and makes it easy by assisting with portion control, body appreciation and breaking the emotional connection to certain foods. By appreciating yourself, you will be more aware of the choices you make resulting in foods designed to support your body's ideal natural body weight and overall state of health.

Quit SmokingSmoking/Vaping Cessation
Easily break the habit of smoking/vaping in two sessions by leveraging the power of your mind. Remain smoke/vape free and experience a new and healthier way of living.

Ask yourself are you truly willing to pursue change? Imagine your life without those issues that hold you back. How important is it to enhance your life? The answer is easy; it is very important. Go ahead and make a commitment to yourself. Give us a call and schedule an appointment.

Take your giant step forward to a new and better life by exploring, discovering and unleashing the power of your mind!

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At Imagine Hypnotics our clients receive the personal care and attention they deserve.

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