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Life Between Lives

"Earth is a school where we learn how to grow our Soul's love and wisdom"

A Between Lives Regression (BLR) is a way of experiencing your Soul's existence in the afterlife in between incarnations. It is a profound experience into the realms of true expanded consciousness.

A pioneer in spiritual regression was Dr. Michael Newton. Dr. Newton first discovered the Soul state when after regressing a client he gave a simple command and the client unexpectedly connected with their memories of life as a Soul. This one session resulted in Dr. Newton regressing over 7,000 clients enabling them to experience their spiritual existence between physical incarnations.

Dr. Newton’s ground breaking work inspired Mike Williams to develop his own process and protocols to navigate his clients into the spirit world.

Back in 2011, Mike began experimenting and developing his own distinct approach by leveraging "scripts" he created based on his knowledge of metaphysical concepts. Then during a client session he discovered that when he combined two of his scripts the client moved very quickly to the spirit world. These two scripts focused on the client's Chakras (inner energy centers) along with introducing sacred geometry into the client's awareness. After additional experimenting and fine-tuning, Mike continued to streamline his process. This resulted in reducing the average between lives session time from four hours (Newton approach) to two hours without compromising the richness and breadth of the experience for his clients. Mike's proprietary technique, which he calls Between Lives Regression (BLR), is his approach of choice whenever a client seeks a session to explore their Soul's existence in the spirit world.

Today, with more and more clients delving deeper into their personal spirituality and divine connections, they are becoming increasingly interested in learning more about their immortal lives and divine connections which can be experienced through a spiritual regression. 

Accessing the Soul's memories requires a deep level of trance and great skill and expertise on the part of the hypnotist. When seeking a spiritual regression it is important to seek a practitioner who is properly trained in this modality of spiritual hypnosis.

As with past life regression, Between Lives Regression is an Imagine Hypnotic's specialty program. Mike is highly skilled and experienced in this specialized hypnotic process.

Mike's tailored inductions, deepening and guiding techniques will gently navigate you back to your Soul's eternal home allowing you to fully experience and apply the wisdom, lessons and learning from your immortal existence and illuminating your current life path with new found clarity, better choices and a deeper understanding of your Soul's purpose.

What can you learn from a Between Lives Regression?

  • Become truly aware of your Soul's immortal divine existence
  • Understand your Soul's core characteristics and ambitions
  • Understand your Soul's learning and educational path
  • Learn your Soul's skills and specialties
  • Interact with your Soul Mates and Soul Groups
  • Receive wisdom and guidance from your Guides and Teachers
  • Receive wisdom and guidance from your Spiritual Elders
  • Knowing and embracing your Soul's Purpose
  • Seeing the divine in all life

Our clients describe their spiritual regression as a beautiful spiritual experience which helps them to better understand and navigate their current life path.

Between Lives Regression FAQ

Between Lives Regression Is the Williams technique the same process as the Newton approach? No, it is not. It is a completely different methodology developed by Mike Williams. Both approaches result in the client having a full spectrum experience in the spirit world with Mike's technique requiring half the session time to facilitate (two hours versus four).

Do you still facilitate the Newton version of between lives regression? Since Mike's approach acheives the same results as the Newton method in approximately half the time (~2 hours versus 3-4 hours), the decision was made to sunset the Newton offering as of December 31, 2019 (no longer offered). However, if you are interested in the Newton LBL experience, please contact us and we will refer you to one Mike's collegues who facilitate the Newton LBL approach.

How is a spiritual regression facilitated? For most clients, the session consists of two separate sessions. The first session consists of a full past life regression (PLR) and the second session is the between lives regression (BLR).

Why is a past life regression (PLR) a prerequisite? Between lives sessions require the client to achieve a deep theta trance state. In order to achieve this level of trance a past life session is facilitated as a proven way to relax the client's mind into this deepened state of hypnosis. Think of it as an exercise for the mind to learn how to slow down and open the spiritual channels. This approach significantly increases the odds of a successful between lives experience.

How long is each session?The Williams between lives regression (BLR) will run approximately 2-2.5 hours each.

How are the sessions scheduled? The PLR and between lives can be scheduled back to back (e.g., past life session on a Monday and the between lives on Tuesday) or a client can schedule their PLR and come back at a later date for the between lives session. If the sessions are not scheduled back to back it's recommended the client schedule their between lives within 90 days of their past life session.

What if I had a past life regression from another practitioner? Do you still need to facilitate a PLR? It is highly recommended both sessions be conducted by the same practitioner. The reason is because the process is highly specialized and requires considerable skill and expertise on the part of the practitioner. It's very difficult to gauge the effectiveness or skill of another hypnotist - especially a facilitator who is not trained or unfamiliar with Mike Williams' or Dr. Newton's past life approach. However, exceptions can be made. Please contact us and we will work with you to make an informed assessment on how best to proceed.

Do I need to bring anything to the session? Please bring a list of 8-10 people (friends and family) that you interact with on a frequent basis (e.g., husband, wife, brother, sister, close friend, etc.) and a brief description of the relationship dynamic (e.g., loving, at odds, close, distant, etc.). This helps us to help you navigate your session should those on your list appear during the session. You will also need to bring 8-10 questions you wish to explore and receive input and guidance on from your Guides, Teachers or Elders. With the help of your Divine, we will then work with you to integrate your questions into the session and cover as much ground as possible .

I have read Dr. Newton's and Brian Weiss' books on past lives and between lives - will this interfere with my experience? Not at all. With spiritual regression the client is in such a deep trance state that books the client has read on the topic will have no bearing or influence on your experience.

How will I experience my session? Will it be very visual? Like watching a movie? Contrary to how the experience is portrayed in many books, the between lives experience is unique for each client. Many clients will indeed experience visual (imagery) perception combined with a strong sense of "knowing" (self / Soul awareness) while the expanded consciousness ties in other senses such as kinesthetic (feelings - typically very prominent), auditory (hearing), olfactory (smell) and gustatory (taste) perceptions. In cases where the visual aspect is not dominant - and it can happen, the client's other sensory perceptions (such as kinesthetic) will bring forth the experience as well as the sense of "knowing" which is very prevalent and very powerful in virtually all past life and between lives sessions.

What will my visit to the spirit world entail? What will I experience? Although each client's experience is very unique, common interactions include visiting with your Guide, Soul Group, Soul Mate, Elders, learning facilities, the body selection area, etc. Some clients may visit all of these stops while others will skip certain stops and spend more time exploring other areas. For example, some clients go to their Soul groups and others do not. Regardless of how your particular session unfolds the most important aspect is the lessons, guidance and understanding you will bring back with you from the experience.

Are the sessions recorded? Yes, all sessions are recorded and emailed to the client within a week of the session.

Should I plan other activities the day of my session? We do not recommend scheduling events or activities before or after a spiritual regression. Take the time to ground and reflect.

Will I remember everything from the session? You will remember a great deal from your session, especially those messages you need to recall. It's always intriguing for clients to listen to their session recording afterwards and pick-up on dialogue and content that transpired; often commenting on the clarity of the recall, specificity of details and wisdom of the information and insight brought forth.

Will I be more sensitive or attuned afterwards? The messages, lessons and awareness from a past life and between lives session can resonate for days, weeks, months and even years afterwards. Many times clients clearly sense their perspective has shifted or they are experiencing events, situations or relationships through a different and more positive lens. For some clients this shift or awareness is profound and for others it may be more subtle. Everyone is different. However, through Mike's work and studies, he has found the degree of the shift corresponds to the degree in which the client embraces their experience and the lessons of higher conscious awareness. For example, those clients who openly embrace the insight and wisdom from their session frequently experience noticeable and tangible shifts and understandings going forward. Because of this awareness and focus their current life decisions and choices are more purpose oriented helping to fulfill their Soul's objectives.

Should I discuss my experience with others? We recommend clients take a day or two for quiet and mindful introspection and reflection. Allow the experience to assimilate and integrate before discussing their experience unless the person they are sharing with is receptive and open to what the client wants to share. It's important to understand there are many people, for various reasons, who will challenge your experience and attempt to make you question the validity of your session. Many will challenge because it conflicts with their religious, cultural or societal beliefs or because of their personal fear of the unknown or a reluctance to accept different perspectives. It's important to remember their beliefs are not your beliefs. Their experiences are not your experiences. Each person's path and connection to the divine is specific to that individual. Your path is your path. Many clients will express to me that part of their "shift" was the realization they needed to move away from old paradigms (including the people connected to those paradigms) and connect to new like-minded relationships where the interactions and (higher) vibrations are more aligned with people and places where they feel most comfortable in order to grow and learn from a mind, body and spiritual (soul) perspective.

Do you facilitate remote sessions (e.g., Skype / phone)?
No, we do not. The environment where the session is conducted is a critical success factor. Thus, it is very important the client session is facilitated in a setting where the possibility of interruptions and distractions is minimized. This ensures a high quality session and significantly enhances the probability of the client realizing their session goals and objectives.

Where can I learn more about my Soul's existence in the spirit world? Reading Dr. Michael Newton's books is a great resource. Also the interview below with the late Michael Newton is an excellent primer:

Dr. Michael Newton - Past Life and Between Lives Interview - ~44 minutes

Have more questions or want to make an appointment? Give us a call for a free consultation at 919-745-1225 or email us at imaginehypnotics@imaginehypnotics.com.

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